Web Application Engineering, Management and Products

web application engineering services

Precision Business Technology is a web application engineering company. For almost two decades we have been creating quality web applications and consistently gaining new insights into what makes effective web applications. Our focus always remains on how we can achieve our customers objectives in the most cost efficient and user friendly manner.

Web application engineering includes several stages, from defining high level objectives, project planning, operational research, design, programming, testing, training and production analysis. Through this process we openly communicate with our customers every step of the way. Our web applications are not only efficient and well-designed, but production ready from day one.

We document all processes well and maintain high standards so that the systems can be easily managed and upgraded in the future.

Our testing team ensures our products conform to the latest web standards, provide optimal screen loading times, and ease of use.

web application management services

We store, host, manage and support our clients systems for an affordable monthly fee, which offsets costs for traditional Information Technology resources such as servers, software licensing, staff, data security and electrical.

Our clients systems reside on a 128bit SSL encrypted network in a professionally maintained data center. We utilize best-in-class hardware from diverse providers over multiple paths to provide guaranteed uptime.

We have vast libraries of complete systems for various business models that we utilize in our engineering process. If you decide to utilize us to host and manage the systems we develop, we DO NOT charge for any full systems or portions of systems we already have in our proprietary library. All we would charge for is the time it takes us to bring your product to completion and get you up and running.

If you are in the market for a web application engineering company, contact us to learn how we can work together to achieve your objectives.

Our Complete Products

Stacking Plan Products

We have a cloud-based stacking plan product called Cloud Stacking Plan and a Windows 32 bit installable program called Stacking Plan Software. Both products are inexpensive, easy-to-use solutions for creating high quality stacking plan reports for commercial or multi-unit residential real estate. Click here for more information.

M1 Solutions Property Management

M1 Solutions Property Management is the property management industry's most powerful and comprehensive cloud-based platform available today. Click here for more information.


Logitrac is a courier EDI solution providing ASN, EDI, AS2, or proprietary B2B integration with several distribution and third-party logistics (3PL) partners. Click here for more information.


REIP is a cloud-based system for real estate professionals and investors to evaluate and organize their real estate financial portfolios, generate detailed analysis and projections, then design investment strategies for the real estate market. Click here for more information.